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Cooling racks



Cooling racks | 21 September, 2000

We currently use process carriers to run our products. We do not have chillers at the end of the reflow ovens (no space) so you can imagine how hot the carriers come through. Are there any cooling racks out on the market that I can look into to place at the end of each oven?

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Re: Cooling racks | 21 September, 2000

Many moons ago, at another company, we bolted an oval "carousel" to the ceiling. In our case, the carousel was use to convey wave soldering pallets from the end of a in-line washer to the from-end of the wave soldering machine. The pallets hung from hooks on the carousel and traveled around and around between the two work stations.

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Re: Cooling racks | 22 September, 2000

For several years now we have been using a short (4 feet) conveyor with brush wheels and a simple box fan mounted under it (blowing up) to cool the product.

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