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Adhesives | 9 January, 2002

Is anyone still using Loctite 348 chipbonder for bottom side attachment? Is it truly adequate for dispensing up to 18k/hour?

We will be dispensing with a Camelot 2800, so somewhere in the neighborhood of 15k/hr. is as fast as we'll ever see.

I'm considering 3609 also as the viscosity is a little higher (according to my rep., I haven't seen the spec. sheets yet) and we'll be needing some pretty big piles in a few applications (high standoff). Is it worth the added $20/30cc's?

Another factor is the shelf life, 348 @ 9 months vs. 3609 @ 6 months. Given that our volumes will be small for two-sided assembly, this may be an issue.

Thanks all.........

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