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SMEMA | 1 February, 2002

Is SMEMA still being used? When I go to a guy selling a pick and place machine, should I be overly concerned about having SMEMA connectors on the machine? Do you guys out there use this?

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SMEMA | 1 February, 2002

Yes Smema is used in the industry. It allows the equipment of different manufacturers to comunicate with out extensive rewiring. Both SMEMA 1.0 and 1.2 are used. An experienced SMT manufacturer wil include both for options.

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SMEMA | 2 February, 2002

Yes, SMEMA is being used on Most newest SMT machines in line. The SMEMA Doccument can be down loaded free from IPC at or SMEMA1.2 is what you will need. This is a great doccument with wiring and communication protocol.

If you can not down load it contact me and I will email it to you.

Best Regards, Cal Driscoll Manncorp Product Applications

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