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Adhesive Printing



Adhesive Printing | 12 March, 2002

Currently I am dispensing adhesive and would like to screen adhesive. Just need to know if anyone has had any luck with this process. If so what adhesive are you using and what are your printer parameters?

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Adhesive Printing | 12 March, 2002

Faster production rate, but less flexible. If your dispensor is running almost as fast as your placement machine, don't change. [Eli Goldratt would be proud.]

Search the fine SMTnet Archives to get started.

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Alex K.


Adhesive Printing | 14 March, 2002

We always print adhesives.. And don't really have problems.. as long as your stencil is right and glue doesn't stay in appetures after first print.

The parametrs same as for paste.. You can run it faster, but we don't have big enough runs to bother change the setup. Some times we hand print as well... No problems... As I said as long as the stencil is good...

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Adhesive Printing | 15 March, 2002

We screen print on half of our 15 lines with no problems. We're currently using Ciba 7275, but are looking to change to Loctite 3616 (lower cost).

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Adhesive Printing | 19 March, 2002

Dear BLN ,

Could you plese contact me via E-mail. I have something to discuss with you that you may find very interesting.

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Adhesive Printing | 27 March, 2002

Printing glue is just as easy as paste, and in my experience printing delivers higher quality then dispensing.

The one issue, that must be paid attention is that when you clean the stencil, you insure that it is really clean.

The holes in a glue stencil are very small, and if during the cleaning process these holes are not cleaned and glue dries in them, hours will be spent cleaning the holes.

Go for it printing glue could also allow better utilization of existing capital equipment.

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Adhesive Printing | 27 March, 2002

As Mitchell stated before, the cleaning of the stencil is rather important. When considering stenciling of adhesive you must review your stencil cleaning process. The recomended process is a ultrasonic cleaner with a heater option. These systems are much more robust in that in most cases the same chemical can be used for both paste and adhesive. An ultrasonic cleaning system can also be somewhat quicker. If you currently have another system and wish to continue using that system, consult with your local rep which supplies your cleaning agent, but also the other companies which you may not use at this time. Ask them for they're experiment results with the adhesive and paste that you are ucing or considering. The adhesive we are currently using is Heraus 955PY. It is a proven product and relatively easy to clean. We are however currently in process of changing to Thermoset mainly because its characteristics are more robust for our manufacturing enviroment. One thing before I forget. Alchohol is not recommended for cleaning because it can cause the adhesive to cure. Speaking of curing. Be sure not to attempt to use a reflow profile to cure the adhesive it will become brittle. If you are using a mix of paste and adhesive on the same side you can run them together just be sure to create your reflow profile accordinglly.

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Adhesive Printing | 27 March, 2002

I am very interested in what you have to offer. I've already sent you the e-mail.

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Adhesive Printing | 28 March, 2002

I sent you a response. Check your SMT net E-mail.

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