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Working Paste Before Printing


Working Paste Before Printing | 13 March, 2002

Izis coo, erwat? Lookit =>

We do alot more working than this, 'bout yins?

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Working Paste Before Printing | 18 March, 2002

We leave the next days quantity out overnight. Never had to do more than 4 kneads. On the inline we don't do any and the VMP 100s we only do one. Only seem to require kneading on the old clam shell printers - don't know why! That's with Indium SMQ 92.

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Working Paste Before Printing | 20 March, 2002

Interesting. Ours failed miserably. Of course we toss everything on the stencil at the end of a shift (they are instructed to let it run down to minimal volume on the stencil as they approach quitting time) so it's not an issue. We are more concerned with the quality of the connections, frankly, and given that I have a mountain of stuff to implement before we look at a full blown paste eval., we're gonna use what we have as long as it looks good after reflow.

We only do enough kneading on the printer to make a tight roll when adding paste, though...just two passes.

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