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HELP!! Emerald camera mirror needed!!!


HELP!! Emerald camera mirror needed!!! | 14 March, 2002

Hi ya'll!

I know this is going to be an extreme longshot, but I'm in desperate need of a Assemblion Emerald 54mm front light camera mirror (part number 5322-380-10285).

Ours got cracked somehow (still haven't found out how, probably never will...). Called Assemblion and was given a 1-week lead time...peachy huh?

I know that there probably won't be anyone that keeps these as spares (they're $470 each), but if there is, you will be compensated appropriately if we can buy it from you and replace it with the one that we'll get in a week....(I told you this was going to be a longshot!)

On another note: This is a vent sort of, and a question...

Is it just me, or do others find that when they call the parts department of a automation company to order a replacement part for one of their machines, always find that there's lead time involved?

When approached for you to buy their equipment it is always stated that you will be technically supported 24/7, and that spares are always a fed-ex overnight away. But when it comes down to reality, that's more often than not the exception, rather than the rule...

I'm not singling out Assemblion, but I experience this situation across the board with all our machines...the situation seems to have gotten worse over the past couple of years...

Am I the only one experiencing this?

-Steve "why me?" Gregory-

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HELP!! Emerald camera mirror needed!!! | 14 March, 2002

Hi Steve, first of all I am quite surprised that you can buy just the mirror and don't have to buy the entire camera assembly, as you would have to do with other machine vendors. Second I try to find the vendor of the part ( Yamaha does not make the mirror ) and save lead time and money. Try for optical components.

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HELP!! Emerald camera mirror needed!!! | 15 March, 2002

Steve, let me add a more lengthy note on the current service situation, which does not apply for Assembleon alone. I think it was April last year when Nokia re-adjusted their growth rate from 40 % to 10 %. Followed by Motorola�s massive lay off and plants closings, hundreds of machines were returned to their vendors. Sept.11 hit this industry on the way down. I don�t know how many service technicians were laid off, but I fear this has an impact on the current service situation and response time. It does not help very much to complain, but we should stick together to get out of this mess. Yes, 4-5 days downtime on one machine is bad , but on some vendor�s sites may be more at stake than a few unhappy customers. My sympathy goes to all the employees, who lost their jobs in these times.

I think it would help everyone if we would have a site on this site, where we could post all spare parts we keep in our stock rooms. This may be a non commercial, non profit spare part pool and used for emergency situations only. The OEM spare part shall be returned within a few weeks to the customer site, when the vendor shipped the part from Japan, Munich, Endhoven or where ever. Customer names shall be kept secretly.

Good luck in getting your machine fixed, Stefan

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