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dual sided surface mount


dual sided surface mount | 11 April, 2002

Hello everyone. We are interested in doing double sided surface mount. What methods are there for doing this. I know you can wave solder some smt components, but what are the limitations. Is there a method of doing this that uses 2 different solder pastes for different melting points? What is the "normal way" if such a thing for doing double sided surface mount? Any input would help.

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dual sided surface mount | 11 April, 2002

Different Solder types are not needed. Surface tension will hold most. Plenty of info in the archives about reflow profiles, weight limitations, etc...

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dual sided surface mount | 12 April, 2002

If you are going to wavesolder the board after SMT you will have to epoxy the parts on instead of paste/reflow. I used to work for a company that squeeged it on. You will have to research component layout guidelines if you do want to wavesolder. If you are going to do double reflow you will want to consider the total time above liquidous. I've seen very few parts that fall off during the second reflow. At one place I worked we simply applied a dot of epoxy to board before placing a part that gave us problems. Some places have two sets of machines with a board flipper between the first oven and second paste machine.

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