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Nitrogen use in reflow and wave

Abelardo Rodriguez


Nitrogen use in reflow and wave | 18 April, 2002

I'm trying to get a better understanding of the cooking process of pcb's. The use of nitrogen in reflow and wave ovens. Seems to have a wide margin of acceptance as a standard gas to prevent oxidation of metals in the board. Has any one heard or used or experimented with other gases. Such as helium, or similar inert gases. That do not react with nothing no matter the temperature or enviornment.

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Nitrogen use in reflow and wave | 20 April, 2002

If people use an inert gas, they use nitrogen for mass soldering. Inert gases get progressively more expensive as you move down the periodic table.

Many times no-clean flux is less active than other flux types. So, people use an inert gas to lower oxidation of solderable surfaces during preheat cyles, prior to soldering, widening the process window.

For background: * We have not talked about inerting a lot on SMTnet, but the are a few threads in the fine SMTnet Archives. * There's one white paper in the SMTnet Library. It give a contact at an inert gas supplier, where you could get more information.

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