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Profile for Glue "SOMAKOTE IR-130"?

Hany A. Salam


Profile for Glue "SOMAKOTE IR-130"? | 21 April, 2002

Dear all: We need to glue some chip capacitors (0603 & 0805) before continuing the process of placing the topside SMT components. As a subcontractor we received the whole materials including the glue. After experimenting several temperature profiles for curing this glue, we are still not satisfied with the results since some missing capacitors were detected after the wave solder. We need to obtain the optimum profile for this glue because our supplier could not provide us with it..The information on the glue cartridge:

SOMAKOTE IR-130 SOMAR Corporation.

It will be very kind if anyone can help. Thanx Hany

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Profile for Glue | 22 April, 2002

Try: Somar Corporation, 11-2, Ginza 4-chome, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-8109, JAPAN +81 3 35422151 +81 3 35422056

Not to imply there is anything wrong with Somar's material [having never used the material], just looking at an alternate appriach, consider asking your supplier for a waiver to use XYZglue [the glue you routinely use]. I mean what the hey. It's not like the stuff: * Is structural OR * Does anything after it's soldered.

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Profile for Glue | 28 April, 2002

Hi Hany_Khoga,

We're using that Glue and here is the profile we are using:

150'C @ 90 secs.

120'C @ 120 secs

u can choose between the two, they r both okay and produce good results.

regards and enjoy ur day!


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