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Camera Problem on CP6-4000



Camera Problem on CP6-4000 | 6 May, 2002

We have continual vision process error 1CB02003 on narrow view camera during nozzle centering measurement. The wide view camera works properly.

So far we have done the following things to rectify the problem but the problem still exists:

1. Replaced the narrow view camera, 2. Replaced the narrow view camera cable, 3. Recalibrated the narrow view camera, the image was clear and center well within specification, 4. Manually adjusted the focus, gain and aperture, etc. 5. Checked and replace the CPU card, vision card, and memory card, 6. Checked backlight condition of the narrow view carmera, 7. Hard reset and re-transmitted the proper data,

The vision processor is ver 3.00 and the processed image was distorted and have diagonal lines similar to a television needed horizontal hold adjustment during centering.

Any advise?

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Camera Problem on CP6-4000 | 6 May, 2002

maybe you should check the mechanism .such as the drum with the twenty shaft.and A,B AXIS'S synchronization.and the clearance fo the helical gear.check the cutter and no strange sound, check the lens and no dirty or stable.check the twenty shaft.

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Camera Problem on CP6-4000 | 6 May, 2002

What version is your firmware?? This error can be caused bt something as simple as the background nozzle disks. Are you using the old style or the new vinyl ones?

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