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Maxim 3296C, 3286C



Maxim 3296C, 3286C | 10 May, 2002

Hi Mates,

Need everyone's help on a component datasheet search.

Have a Maxim P/N: 3286C, 3296C, Land Grid Array (LGA) type of component.

Need to find info on thermal capability of this LGA package, specific question : how many reflow Oven cycles can such a component be subjected to? where to find supporting documents to Maxim(supplier) claim?

been trying online to find (at the Maxim website) the technical datasheets that address this inquiry, to no avail and this component does not seem to even exist except in name?

Appreciate if anyone can point/link us to an answer, pls?

Thanks in advance.

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Maxim 3296C, 3286C | 10 May, 2002

Two choices: 1 Type your p/n into search, select one of the results, download the datasheets, live well, live long. 2 Call Maxim's tech support, live well, live long.

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Maxim 3296C, 3286C | 12 May, 2002

Hi Dave,

we tried the net search. anything close to the part no. draws only the "reliability data sheets" with a small print ref to JSTD-020 standards. this implies a 215deg-C @3 cycles of Reflow Oven processing. however as this can be claimed as a subjective assumption, we are still looking for the supplier to have a bolder-font of print specificing the suppliers quality commitment that 215deg-C @ 3 cycles of reflow is no problem for their P/N component.

anyway we sent the supplier a email last week friday, and still waiting for the reply.

Yo, live well, live long....peace brother.

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Maxim 3296C, 3286C | 13 May, 2002

Sorry for assuming that you'd try searching the manufacturer's site. Goto ... not the other one ... then follow the instructions above.

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Maxim 3296C, 3286C | 20 May, 2002

xzinxzin, de' process engineer,

Hi mate,

as an active member of "that other subbie" currently successful in getting acceptable wetting for that MLF, i am not in a favourable position to advise you in process control. hope you can understand this point.

however as we also went thru' nights of worry and DOE s**t over this same project, we can appreciate the effort you have directly input to announce that our direct customer is pulling the rug from under our feet... thanks for the alarm bells, mate.

so as one good deed deserves another, check out the materials composition of the PCB Au/Ni, BCC leadless terminals, OMG solder paste characteristics. do NOT study them seperately, rather study them as "Orchestrated elements" of a "molecule".

this is the best i can do in the name of knowledge and sharing... rest is up to you.

Good Luck!

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