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Tenryu 5500, "x over run"

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Tenryu 5500, "x over run" | 21 May, 2002

Hi, My Tenryu 5500 is showing "X OVERRUN" Error while performing Origin. Can anybody tell the probable reason.



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Tenryu 5500, | 21 May, 2002

without knowing your machine, I guess the axis does not find the zero pulse. You may have to re-place the incremental or linear encoder for the X-axis. Some vendors use proximity switches for a zero pulse which could be defective. If the axis stops in its home position but drifts into the limit switch thereafter, your servo board may be blamed. For general trouble shooting look at my site

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Tenryu 5500, | 28 August, 2002

did you fix your x overun problem?

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