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Forcing Connectors



Forcing Connectors | 28 May, 2002

Hi Jim,

How much force is required to press fit a connector?

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Forcing Connectors | 28 May, 2002

Hello Sally,

The force required for press fit connectors will vary depending on the connector type. The force will also very significantly from one supplier to another for the same connector. To give you an example; for a .100" DIN 41612 connector one suplier will specify max. push in force per pin of 40#/contact will another will specify 20#/connector. I believe that the maximum allowed for this connector by the DIN specification is 40#.

For this 96 pin connector you would be looking at maximum press in forces of 3,800 lbs to 1,900 lbs depending on the vendor.

Best regards Jim Zanolli

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