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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007


Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 14 June, 2002

Trying to clean TACFLUX007 on reflow profile with 320C peak temp for 20 seconds. Anybody out there cleaning this stuff?

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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 14 June, 2002


Holy crap 320C peak !!! What the heck are you soldering ?Is the residue charred, or brown ? I am familiar with TACFLUX009, is tack flux 007 NO-clean ?

Need more info.....

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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 14 June, 2002

Consider: * 007 is a no-clean flux. Some no-cleans you can clean, some you can�t. You may be able to use a saponifier & surficant to clean the residue. Check with your flux supplier for recommendations. * 320�C is higher than the 315�C peak for that flux. Check with your flux supplier for recommendations. * Changing to a water washable tacky flux.

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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 17 June, 2002

Guys, Thanks for the input. Its a Opto-Electronic project I'm working on for a customer with a device on a ceramic substrate. Yes, I did learn from Indium that 007 is no-clean and has a high-solids content. They reccommended using TacFlux 010, which has a higher max. temp. and low solids. You know how difficult it is to get a flux changed. We are exceeding the max. temp. for 007, which is 310C I'm told by Indium. Yes, the residues are charred and difficult to remove. Get out the hammer and chisel! I did get some good looking results last week on BIOACT EC15 from Petroferm. I just posted this to see if anybody was actually cleaning this stuff.

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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 21 June, 2002

God Save Us ALL

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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 3 July, 2002

If you can solder in an inert atmosphere you'll find the problem will disappear, even blowing N2 over the surface while soldering will solve the problem. 10�C over peak is not excessive, I've run up to 350�C in some cases, protected by N2 the flux will not 'burn' or 'char' and can be cleaned in the normal manner.

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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 8 July, 2002


Thanks for your reply. We'll give N2 a try in our lab oven and report here on the results.

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Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007 | 31 July, 2002

Stephen, Magic!! Soldering in the N2 environment did just as you said. Easy to clean the post solder residues. Many Thanks!

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