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AOI brightness

Mattias Wennberg


AOI brightness | 20 June, 2002

I am running a VisionPoint AOI equip. from DiagnoSYS, and I have a question regarding the calibration of brightness on the cameras.

When I run system Calibration to check the camra brightness I should have the following values: Cam#1=126 Cam#2=126 Cam#3=113 But I have: Cam#1=141 Cam#2=141 Cam#3=140

How do I calibrate those values? And if I do...Will I mess up my old tempates?

I didn't find any info about that in my manual, and I think my guru at DiagnoSYS is at vacation right now. I think that you guys out there with CR Technology machines have the same software as me: RTI-6250 Software Version: V4.8.3 Release Build:2074 from Photon Dynamics Inc.

I hope someone can help me. Regards Mattias Wennberg, Sweden

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AOI brightness | 20 June, 2002

Only one guru on staff? This is a problem. Why not try the folks at CR Tech/Photon Dynamics.

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