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Capacitor | 27 June, 2002

I was approached by the comp. suplier to change the capacitors that I currently used. No change in elect. charateristic, but only on :

a) change of palladium to nickel base inner electrode b) outer electrode material i.e. from silver to copper.

Questions : 1) what different/advantage does this give in terms of assembly. 2) Is there any impact on the joint reliability. 3) whatis the cost impact.

Anyone that is finiliarwith this changes pls help.

rgds, yngwie

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Capacitor | 27 June, 2002

What did your supplier say?

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Capacitor | 28 June, 2002

I think the suppliers more on the application that the capacitors would be used to.

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Capacitor | 28 June, 2002

The supplier said : no impact on the quality/elec. characteristic- this comes with a huge cost saving. As an Engineer, I would not take things for granted, I will have to verify the statement.In other words, I don't trust salesman.


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Capacitor | 29 June, 2002

First, it is very reputable that your supplier is giving you notification of this product change.

Second, comments on the previous discussion are: * Sales-types do good things, but most times commenting on technical issues is better left to others. * You are correct in trying to better understand the impact of this change on your product and process.

Most times when companies redesign their products like this, they perform extensive assessment and evaluation studies to compare the performance of the two products. Your sale-type may not be able to comment on the details of their study, but should be able to get you in contact with the technical that can discuss the results with you. Pursuing this will: * Give you confidence your supplier has done the necessary background justification for the change. * Allow you to discuss the change with someone that is involved in the technical side of the operation.

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