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Panel/Pallet Separating with Interconnects


Panel/Pallet Separating with Interconnects | 8 July, 2002


Looking for some feedback from anyone who has had experience with panelized or palletized CCAs, or anyone interesting on commenting, where interconnects were used to facilited a "gang" incircuit and functional test. We are considering implementing a panel layout with up to 12 small CCAs which have bus interconnects through rails which will later be cut during separation. I'm sure this has been done before. It seems a lot of labor could be saved by avoiding separation until after test. Let me know what you dudes think.

Thanks, Gregster

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Panel/Pallet Separating with Interconnects | 13 July, 2002

One of those pick your poison things, eh? * Reduce tester time and labor versus not testing the board after seperation from the panel * Traces that connected to the common bus will have exposed copper after seperation from the panel. This is not recommended, but something you could probably work around. * How much does it increase your fixture cost? Programming is probably not affected much, right? * If you have to go back to 'seperate then test' or wanted to test a repaired module, could you still use the fixture for the panel?

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Panel/Pallet Separating with Interconnects | 19 July, 2002


fyi...we decided not to go with the interconnects. At least during development phase due to excessive NRE to support the effort. However, we may revisit this when we come to production phase.


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