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Wave Pallet Lifespan



Wave Pallet Lifespan | 15 July, 2002

Hi all,

I am trying to find some data that will show me the typical lifespan for a wave pallet. I realize that it depends on material used (Durapol, for instance) temp profile, etc and I HAVE checked the fine SMT archives... Anyone have an average number of passes. 1000? 5000?


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Wave Pallet Lifespan | 15 July, 2002

Ask Jim Gleason at Garland Service 972-494-1911

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Wave Pallet Lifespan | 15 July, 2002

Are you talking about selective wave pallets? Most of it depends on the minimum thickness of masking walls (design). I have had some that have lasted until the product went EOL (5000 passes or so. and some have made it about 50 passes.

How's that for a bad answer

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Wave Pallet Lifespan | 17 July, 2002

It depend's as Russ say's on your pallets, things like : material type wall thickness floor thickness selective or open app. but also on the process, the volumes, the number of carriers you have vs the build numbers & cycle time and the machine your using some machines are actually worse than others. Typically on a high volume you'd expect in the region of a year for a good selective pallet, probably less for an open one as they tend to warp a little more so say 6-9 months lower volumes would have longer I would have thought.


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