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DEK ELA? | 9 August, 2002

Any one using/used a DEK ELA? I have used the DEK 265GSX so just wondering differences (sure I could look it all up but...) now if I had a choice what would I want a used 265GSX or new ELA? I believe the camera on the ELA is better than the GSX and some other minor differences in print speed etc? Any thoughts would be welcomed.....

Thanx, Todd

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DEK ELA? | 9 August, 2002

The ELA is a entry level machine. The GSX is a far better system. The infinity is the replacement to the GSX that is also a good system. ELA stands for entry level automation.

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DEK ELA? | 12 August, 2002

I am not a DEK user but have some knowledge of the ELA to share. The ELA has some structural differences with the Horizon and Infinity models. It is DEK's low-end automatic printer (a cost-reduced version of the Horizon model)and is manufactured in China. The ELA has an open-chase frame design (structure that holds the stencil), whereas the Horizon & Infinity have a closed-chase frame. DEK offers three levels of camera systems, green - grey & gold I believe, and the ELA has the lowest end standard. Concerns with the ELA should be long term durability considering the contstruction and its ability to print 12Mil repeatably. If these are concerns you should consider the Horizon model. Check the accuracy and repeatability specs on the ELA vs. the Horizon. I suggest you contact DEK's applications engineers and I'm sure they'll be able to explain the differences in great detail.

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