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Implementation of modern X-ray technology



Implementation of modern X-ray technology | 10 August, 2002

From: AXRT E-mail:

Looking for partner & sponsorship

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am looking for serious partners, willing to support me and to cooperate in the realization of two projects in the area of implementation of modern X-ray techniques. Both projects will place on the market some new, very attractive for customers and well profitable for manufacturers products.

The total financial expenses for the both projects should not exceed an amount of $50.000 and realization time should be not longer as six months.

The first project is the development and implementation for serial manufacturing of an unique (no similar product in the whole world !) X-ray source for security, medical and industrial applications. This project is in the moment in advanced conception phase and it will take 3 to 6 months of final development, from the scratch to start of serial manufacturing.

The second project will be realized in two steps, in which two attractive, low cost X-ray sources for the same applications should be placed on the market within a maximal development and implementation time of 2 - 3 months.

If you are seriously interested in further informations, please contact me at

AXRT - Applied X-ray Technology

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Implementation of modern X-ray technology | 12 August, 2002

This forum is for assembly processes and equipment questions. Please peddle elsewhere.

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