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Broken Traces in PCB



Broken Traces in PCB | 12 August, 2002

We are getting broken traces in PCBAs, any idea why. In addition, only few of the boards show this problem, hence I don't think it is an issue with the board manufacturer.



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Broken Traces in PCB | 12 August, 2002

sounds like a couple of goofballs held an impromptu frisbee contest in your receiving inspection area. As likely a cause as any, given the limited information you supplied. Plus, you have already decided that it is not your fab house, so what can convince you of anything else?

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Broken Traces in PCB | 12 August, 2002

Don't be too sure that it is not your supplier! I have just gone through a similar problem and finally traced it back to PCB design which made the fab not very manufacturable except at a high end shop.

What are the specifics of the board? 5mil trace 5 mil spacing? etc...

Are these fabs known good and tested before reflow?

One thing you may want to do to help narrow this down is ensure that these fabs are tested 100% at you supplier.

Process the KGBs through your reflow profile and then retest.

You may find that the opens are happening during reflow cycle due to faulty etch-back process in the fabrication process.

If this isn't it monitor process for bending, etc... that could be breaking them.

That would be it for now.


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Broken Traces in PCB | 12 August, 2002

I agree with what those other guys said.

You problem description is vague. Please describe: * 'Broken' trace appearance * Where it is located * Process steps up to discovery * Board design * etc.

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Ken Bliss


Broken Traces in PCB | 13 August, 2002

This problem is the number one reason the electronics industry has moved the handling process of PC boards to the tray and tray cart handling process. It eliminates flexing of boards and therefore stops board damage ie. broken circuits and micro fractures on BGA's etc. Although I also agree with others mentioned as possible problems.

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