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Baked Components



Baked Components | 15 August, 2002

I've done some experiments on baking parts as we got pop corning QFP's on our production line. This QFP has moisture level of 5 and I baked them @ 125'C for minimum of 12 hrs. So far results were great but I have a question:

Forum says that I cannot bake the component with that temperature more than 24 hrs. Why? If I baked components for 12 hrs. @ 125'C and it happened that the line did not finish all the parts on that tray, Can I still baked them at that same settings? What if the QFP had been baked for 24 hrs @ 125'C...can I still rebaked them at that same settings? What will be the problem or consequences if I rebake them?

Can someone share their experience and system on baking components. thanks in advance

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Baked Components | 16 August, 2002

I think there are guidelines for baking in J-STD-033. Contact Francois Monette, Cogiscan Inc., 450-534-2644,

With the 125�C for 12 hours, er whatever, bake you are trying to strike a balance between: * Removing the moisture from the component. * Not affecting the solderability of the component terminations.

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