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Sparepart stock software


Sparepart stock software | 18 August, 2002


I read the thread about the maintenance scheduling software. And so far the Maintenece Log Pro suggested looks interesting.

But I miss a small sparepart stock managing softeware packages.

Any suggestions !!!

Regards Brian

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Sparepart stock software | 19 August, 2002

We use MaintainIt Pro from Datastream Systems for preventative maintenance scheduling, recording work order completion, and spares inventory control.

It is server based, secure (requires login and ID for all change entries), and provides pretty much everything you could ever need for creating and managing a maintenance program, and then some. It is a lot more weighty than we need here....we use about 25% of it's capabilities.

It also seems to be a bit too much for some of our techs. to handle.

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