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RFID devices in SMT

Steve O'Brien


RFID devices in SMT | 2 September, 2002

Does anybody know if you can get low cost RFID devices suited to the SMT manufacturing process. I am looking for a way of tracking PCBs without using barcodes, instead I would like to use RFID technology.

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RFID devices in SMT | 2 September, 2002

We looked at RFID labels for finished assembly tacking. Most of the applications of RFID are used to prevent inventory shrinkage of expensive clothing. Although, increasingly companies are using RFID in security applications.

The ISO 15693 standard on contactless IC cards was based largely on the I-Code chip from Philips. Other chip suppliers are: * Texas Instruments, Tag-it. * Infineon Technologies AG, My-d line. * Inside Contactless.

Contact: * Intermec uses Philips I-Code for RFID labels. * Omron talks about a RFID label system using with its tester. * Maybe Symbol *

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RFID devices in SMT | 3 September, 2002

Hi Steve,

My company offers material control solutions for PCB assembly. We work with both barcode and RFID technology. We have already investigated various options to use RF tags on PCBs and we believe that it offers many significant benefits. I would be pleased to provide you with more details if you want to contact me offline.


Francois Monette Cogiscan Inc. Tel : 450-534-2644 Fax : 450-534-0092

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