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Most common BGA types



Most common BGA types | 1 October, 2002

Hello all-

I am am seeking information to the top 100 BGA grid patterns. I am planning to have a full sheet of stencil foil populated with these most common types. I will cut out the individual grid patterns and create my own mini stencils.

In a 27" x 27" size foil I can get approx. 80 stencils. I will have my own frames made to my spec. I am thinking approx. 3" x 3" per stencil. This idea sure beats the $50- $100 each I am currently beign quoted for a single stencil.

To get the most out of my money I want to anticipate the usual BGA grids. I know there are more custom grids than standard but I fugure through all of your help I can at least identify the usual suspects.

Please provide the information in the following manner:

Package (PBGA, CBGA, etc.) XX mm x XX mm ball count = pitch = X.XX mm ball size = X.XX in offset = X.XX mm

Please send your responses directly to my SMTnet inbox so to avoid a cluttered or long thread in the forum.

Thanks all

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Most common BGA types | 1 October, 2002

We don't like ministencils.

Consider using the patterns listed in the Practical Components and Topline catalogs.

Few BGA we see have a 3X3 courtyard.

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Most common BGA types | 2 October, 2002

Dave- thanx for the suggestion and I have already downloaded the catalogs of both companies you mentioned. I am trying to narrow down the list for the BGA patterns most commonly seen vs. the shotgun approach of making one of everything, just in case.

My 3x3 configuration is to have a stencil in a fixture and to print to the balls vs. trying to print on the board.

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