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Stencil Printing Process Troubleshooting and control

Leandro G. Barajas


Stencil Printing Process Troubleshooting and control | 17 October, 2002

Hi everybody,

This is a simple posting to initiate a discussion on different ways to troubleshoot, improve, and control the Stencil Printing Process SPP in SMT manufacturing.

There are many SPC, ANOVA and other analysis techniques that provide insight into the quality and reliability of the process, which is the one that you are using and why? (How well does it work?)

Interesting things to share would be:

- Top 5 stencil printers - Top 5 Inspection tools (Optical, Laser, 2D/3D, etc) Are they really "required"? - Top 10 Research papers - Top 10 Magazine articles - Machine settings (squeegee speed, pressure, etc.) to control the process quality - Materials used given the type of manufacturing (e.g. solder paste type or squeegee blade material for 0201's) - IF … THEN… ELSE… Statements for troubleshooting the SPP. - Electronics sources of SPP related information on the web like:

Any other ideas are welcome,

Best Regards,

Leandro G. Barajas Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, 30332 Center for Board Assembly Research Manufacturing Research Center

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