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Water soluble flux

Jim M.


Water soluble flux | 22 October, 2002

I use a water soluble flux to solder an LCD into gold plated through holes of a .031 circuit card. Problem is the current water soluble flux (850-33) is not made anymore (the drop in replacement has a different formuala and does not work). The main ingredient of this flux is Citric acid 1-5%, Dimethylamine hydrochloride 1-5%,IPA 60-70% and the rest is surfactants.

Would any tech-netters know of a drop in replacement water soluble flux, No-clean is not an option) with roughly the same ingredients (will make my qualification a lot esier)

The boards are placed through a closed loop EMC di cleaner set between 128-150.

Any source would be appreciated.


Jim M.

P.S. I tired the archives without success

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