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Conformal coat training


Conformal coat training | 5 November, 2002

Does anyone know of a good basic conformal coat training class for operators? Or can anyone recommend a company that offers a conformal coat training class, in the US?

We want to add more capability to our operations, and have stumbled a bit in our first pass at conformal coating boards for a customer. Upper management now wants me to find a training class where we can send several operators, and maybe a Manufacturing Eng. We don't need to be NASA certified, but most of our work is for some part of the government. Contracting out is not an option.

Thanks, Mike

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Conformal coat training | 6 November, 2002

What's your preferred method of application?

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Conformal coat training | 6 November, 2002

At this time we will be hand spraying acrylic, probably using spray cans until we decide on a spray gun or an air brush, and get one ordered. Our volume is too low to even consider an automated system.

Our current requirement is on an item designed in the early 90's. As we bid on other government jobs we may have other materials to spray. When our own programs get past the prototype stages we may have to decide what material to use on them.

If anyone has any comments on the air brush vs. spray gun decision, please let me know.

Thanks, Mike F

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Conformal coat training | 6 November, 2002

Consider checking with your CC materials supplier for suggestions. It's to their benefit to help you do a good job using their product.

Regardless of your current requirements, consider basing your workmanship on NASA-STD-8739.1 Workmanship Standards For Staking And Conformal Coating Of Printed Wiring Boards And Electronic Assemblies

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Conformal coat training | 10 November, 2002

Staking and Conformal Coating Training Program is provided by Soldering technology. contact Mel Parrish or Dan Foster at : Soldering Technology International, Inc 102 Tribble Drive Madison, AL 35758 Telephone: (256) 461-9191 Fax: (256) 461-9566


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