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Juki Syntax

Andrew Brook


Juki Syntax | 15 November, 2002

I am trying to program a Juki KP620 and KE730 offline.

I am looking for the file syntax for .P5A and .G2C files. Is there is anyone who can help me with this.


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Juki Syntax | 16 November, 2002

The Juki format is a proprietary binary format.

If you are trying to convert centriod data, you can use software bought directly from your local Juki distributer.

Or you can purchase Unicam, CircuitCam, or GCPlace from their respected distributors. I know they all support the KE730 (or known as Zevatech FS730, in the USA), and at least one of them may support the KP620 (or known as Zevatech PM570, in the USA). These software makers have been using the Zevatech designation, that is why I mentioned them.

But they may not actually support the KP620 because it actually runs slightly different software then the PM570. So it would depend if you have a true KP620, or a KP620 running PM570 software.

Or if you are not converting centriod data, but want to write a complete program offline you can purchase Juki's EPU for each of your machines, and EPU is basically a version of the machine's software designed to run on a computer. What you see on the machine is 99% the same you will see on your computer.

I hope that I have helped you a little and not confused you. We use a lot of the Jukis, so if you have more questions do not hesitate to ask or email me.

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Michael Lewis


Juki Syntax | 16 November, 2002

Is this Andrew from SMS?

Michael Lewis Please provide your e-mail address.

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Juki Syntax | 16 November, 2002

I actually want to bypass Juki's EPU. I know the syntax is proprietary but I'm sure someone has done something with these machines.

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Juki Syntax | 17 November, 2002

Well, I wish I was a programmer and be able to de-code binary files.

If you can come up with something, please let me know.

Thanks, Frank

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Paul Fedorys


Juki Syntax | 20 November, 2002

Try to get ahold of Zevatech's "Flex Program". It will convert an ASCII file into the Zevatech Binary format. I understand they don't charge much for this - if it is even still available.

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Juki Syntax | 27 November, 2002

Hi Andrew,

From the way i see this is that you are trying to break some Juki codes...right? Juki Programs are proprietary and please don't use this forum to gain info on how to break codes. Try contacting your local Juki supplier in NZ or Australia for that info.

Guys, you need to know who Andrew Brook is to be able to know what his intention is.

best regards,

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