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Solder Preforms


Solder Preforms | 19 November, 2002

I have a question abut flux and solder preforms. We build some assemblies that have deep pockets in which we use solder preforms and add flux before placing parts and then onto reflow. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about how much flux should be added to the preform to allow for proper reflow. We have a variety of preform shapes and sizes so I was thinking that there might be some type of equation to use??? Also I would like to know what other people do when it comes to putting solder into pockets? Dispensing? Stencil printing? Pros/Cons? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Sean

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Solder Preforms | 19 November, 2002

Why not use preforms preladen with flux to save the guess work - contact Alpha Materials. Regards

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Solder Preforms | 19 November, 2002

Be careful, if you are using a water soluble chemistry then your pre-forms that are impregnated with flux may dry out prior to use. If your using a no-clean application then ther should be no worries. Aim solder out of Rhode Island is very good with pre-form applications and can assist you same day. 1-800-callaim.

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Solder Preforms | 20 November, 2002

What happens when the solder preform drys out? What happens if we are to saturate the preforms the night before a build. A no no or what? Sean

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