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Essemtec CLM9000



Essemtec CLM9000 | 8 January, 2003

Hi All, I'm going to bye ESSEMTEC Pick and Place machine model: clm9000.Can anyone give me som einfo about the machine, the equipment for it,does it work well,does the feeders work well,about accuracy,reliabillity or whatever I should know. If someone has or had experience with that machine Iwould be very thankful.

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Essemtec CLM9000 | 9 January, 2003

SMDTEch- Essemtec is a great value for the $.

I was the Applications/ Product manager for Manncorp and think these are good little machines.

For an unbiased opinion please contact Jeff Stong at ACI 610-362-1200 x224. The had one up until middle of last month. Essemtec agreed to upgrade thier machine.

Best regards, Cal

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