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Conformal coating waste



Conformal coating waste | 29 January, 2003

We are currently storing small amounts of our conformal coating waste. Recently someone asked how we would dispose of the material and I hadn't the slightest idea because this is a new process for us. I started to look into proper disposal for the coating and found myself buried in a slew of documents about RCRA but still no disposal criteria. The MSDS does not say much more than incinerate or fuel blend, and RCRA 40 CFR 261. Can anyone translate? Also can anyone with urethane conformal coatings inform me how they discard of the waste. Thank You, Jacob

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Conformal coating waste | 29 January, 2003

One of the safest ways to dispose of urethane conformal coating waste is to cure it. Once it's cured it no longer is considered a hazardous waste. In the uncured state it is. We have tubes of epoxy adhesives (out of shelf life) that we do the same thing with. But, to the best of my knowledge a cured urethane rubber is nonhazardous and can be thrown in the normal trash.

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Conformal coating waste | 29 January, 2003

If you are buying form a good rep they should be able to give you all the information you need. I've found good reps have the info you need and actually enjoy helping. And sometimes reps for alternate products will help as well, hoping you will switch to them.

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Conformal coating waste | 30 January, 2003

As said earlier the best way is to cure it then discard. Is your material heat cure or moisture cure? If heat cured and you ahve a oven place the material in trays and heat cure and discard. If moisture cure leave the material in the container and add a little water with it, shack it and most of it will cure quickly the rest should cure within a few days.

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