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tcm3000 miniature bearing servicing

Bach Huss


tcm3000 miniature bearing servicing | 4 February, 2003

We have TCM 3000 in house. The problem is we have alot of nozzle bypass (up-down) problem due to the miniature stroke bearing looses it's librication or dust collected in the bearings. Anyone has any idea what grease or lubricant that can be applied to resolve this issue??

Thanks in Advance bach

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tcm3000 miniature bearing servicing | 5 February, 2003

Why not ask Sanyo? Nissei Sangyo, Tel: 972-257-8100

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tcm3000 miniature bearing servicing | 5 February, 2003

The grease to use is DAPHNE EPONEX M No. 1 as you would expect it is made by an oriental company (IDEMITSU KOSAN). Sanyo recommend that this procedure should only be carried out by trained personnel, so it may be worth giving them a ring before you start.

If you want to go it alone, I'd do all the relevant nozzels on a single head and see how it runs before I doing them all. Removing the bearings and giving them a good clean before applying a small amount of this grease (or an equivalent) would be a good starting point.


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tcm3000 miniature bearing servicing | 14 February, 2003

Hello, As an Ex-Sanyo engineer I agree with the previous reply. Use EP1 sparingly. You may find that the nozzle sleeves are scored when you remove them. This is from lack of cleaning. You can only buy the sleeve and bearing from sanyo which is a waste as the bearings (MSB) never wears. The cost of the unit (MSB and insert) is approx 150 USD. I can supply inserts only for approx 100 USD. The part number for the complete unit is 630 052 9623 and the insert only is 630 052 9623-1 (Only from STS Automation) If necessary I can send you 5 pieces on evaluation.All our customers use them with no problems. If you need any other info e-mail me on You will find us the best people you ever talk to about Sanyo equipment.


Mike O' Shea STS Automation +353 87 7988635

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