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First Article Software



First Article Software | 14 March, 2003

Does anyone know of any free software that would allow an inspector to look for a reference designator on a densely-populated PCB? The software would need to accept a CAD pick'n'place file as input, and highlight the part when the inspector enters the designator during a search.

Hope you can help.

Thanks, Dman

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First Article Software | 14 March, 2003

Do you mean on a drawing of said PCB, or just on the CAD file?

If in the CAD file, use a word processor and do a search.

On a drawing, There are a number of PCB cad software out there, they should have a search command. if not, you are on your own.

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William Guatemala


First Article Software | 14 March, 2003

The software you are looking for, is CicuitCam. This software will do all the applications you are mentioning. If is just for inspection purposes, use GR force from Genrad. Genrad is now own by Teradyne. I hope this helps.


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First Article Software | 15 March, 2003

You should really try SMT-Maestro, as it is made especially for this purpose. Good chance that you'll even be happy with the free version ! It's available from

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Mike B.


First Article Software | 18 March, 2003

We run a copy of SMTMaestro for each of our pick&place lines. It saves us an awfull lot of inspection hours, while the operators appreciate it's simplicity. But please be aware that this software is not well equipped for checking rotations (to put it mildly) so you still need assembly drawings. But what can you expect from a solution that's 50 times cheaper than circuitcam or unicam?

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