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USFilter Alternative


USFilter Alternative | 18 March, 2003

USFilter is French owned. Does anyone have a good stateside alternate supplier of DI water tanks and services?

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USFilter Alternative | 18 March, 2003

Are US Companies starting to ban French made / owned products?


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USFilter Alternative | 18 March, 2003

Jon Fox


USFilter Alternative | 18 March, 2003

I just came back from the UK, and the anti-American attitude is very similar to our new found anti-French attitude. My only question is what, if anything, do French owned companies have to do with its goverment's decision to not agree with our President and his decisions/actions. I don't agree with him either, so are you going to stop buying parts required to build your PCBs. I had to undergo an hour of how "me" and "my country" was bringing on more terrorism in the eyes of some British barkeep just because I live in the US while I was trying to enjoy some good pub cask bitter. Really ruined the moment for me. I just told him that I didn't vote for Bush. A "straight ticket" attitude won't further our country's economy problems and secondly, why weren't you buying American to begin with, it would have saved you a lot of the trouble you are now having to go through trying to find replacements. yes, I have an opinion and an a##, and to some, they may both stink.

Good day.

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USFilter Alternative | 19 March, 2003


I'm not a french and i do not support them too....but i just wonder how much those alternatives paid the website? I'm gonna make 1 here down under so i could make easy money!...hahaha

relax mate!

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USFilter Alternative | 19 March, 2003

REsys Inc. should be able to supply. go to

I had some Kronenbourg 1664 last night. Does that make me un-American? Hands down the best tasting beer ever- in my opinion.

I am anti-boycott. Its the government, not the people. Any boycott hurts the people, not the government. I have traveled all over France on several trips and was treated very very well.

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USFilter Alternative | 19 March, 2003

There is a place in New York called Aqua Pure. We have used them for several years. 845-942-5768

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USFilter Alternative | 19 March, 2003

I have had very good results from Resys. I got rid of US Filter long ago due to poor service and pricing.


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USFilter Alternative | 19 March, 2003


You never know about DaveyF,

Is he just busting us for our commentary or is he serious.

For Me: I love the French and the Germans and the Russians, and the Chineese. OK even the people of Iraq and Iran and N.Korea Oh and we have another little easy country to bomb called Somalia. Go George Go, Go George Go My Challenge is: I have a job to do HERE in the USA to make intelligence not an oxymoron for leadership.

Although the following is only the tip of the iceburg for what I think of the Bawling, Bombing, Bully Bush gang it says a lot for HOW things could have been done so WE ALL, including the USA could have come out as Global winners.

------------- Back to seriousness and advice just in case DaveyF is serious and strongly positioned.

Back in my DI Water Czar Days, 20 plus years ago lots of small US companies provided DI water tanks and services. One suggestion is to call your local Water facility's expert. Another suggestion is to check with the national (usa) society that deals with water quality. They are quite a good group and should offer some good alternatives. Contidental Water, out of Buffalo, NY was one I think I remember.

YiEng, MA/NY DDave

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USFilter Alternative | 19 March, 2003

You are absolutely right! It has ONLY been 12 years of coddling and "negotiating" with the U.N. and Iraq to abide by the sanctions from the last war. I say Go get 'em George!

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USFilter Alternative | 20 March, 2003


I was refered to your request by our sales representative in the PA. area. We build and support DI/Water recycling systems throughout the 48 states.

I would be glad to provide information about our DI systems and services upon your request. I can be reached at 800-873-7379. We are located in Salem, OR and we are able to support customers thoughout the US, Mexico and Canada.

Best regards - Brian Maheu (Presidnet)

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USFilter Alternative | 20 March, 2003

I totally agree with Dave! How long does diplomacy take? Was it the US that had "total diplomatic failure" OR the French who made sure that any deadline date of the 13 yr. old resolution would get vetoed? So, Saddaam needs a break and more time? I'll bet the Kurds and other Iraqi nationals while they were being gassed and slaughtered were thinking the same thing!!!??? back to the French If I was them I would want Iraq to be governed by a different regime hell, they get 23% of the oil. and I also believe that they use Iraq for their own "dirty little secrets". Where was the UN when Russia invaded afganistan?

So, to answer the question I would call a local water supplier and get the info from them.

Couldn't let it go


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USFilter Alternative | 23 March, 2003

If you would like a honest reference I can provide basic information about Resys, as I have recently converted over from US Filter to Resys.

Top Notch orginization. Great group of fella's to work with.


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