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ERP Software



ERP Software | 25 March, 2003

Do you know any ERP software specific for the Electronic Assembly sector ? other than xERP.

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ERP Software | 25 March, 2003

Most MRP software providers are fundamentally flawed in their failure to recognize and adapt their software for the complexity of buying materials by electronic manufacturing firms.

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ERP Software | 4 April, 2003

I agree with Dave. You might take a look at Manex though. We're not using this but I believe the target market is ours.

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ERP Software | 7 April, 2003

Check out Specifically designed around Electronics Manufacturing. (And Very Inexpensive)

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ERP Software | 14 April, 2003

We use DBA. They are supposed to come out with a new version in the next few weeks. Its cheap for something with integrated accounting and its decent but its still stuck in "windows sort of but works like dos". Hope the re-write is better. xERP/Manex would be better but its expensive.

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