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WS-709 | 31 March, 2003

would like to know of any problems with ws-709 or is it just that good.

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Kevin Facinelli


WS-709 | 31 March, 2003

I am also interested in anyones obervations. I am most interested in anyone changing over from ws-609 to ws-709. I have read the technical information but I am most interested in hearing from a user....



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WS-709 | 1 April, 2003

I'm a user changing over from WS-609 to WS-709. WS-709 has less voiding problem and longer stencil life than WS-609. Ws-709 has a less foaming during washing process.

Thanks, Myu

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WS-709 | 2 April, 2003

Myu: Did you have to change your reflow profiles when you changed from 609 to 709?

What ramp rate & time over liquidus are your profiles at?

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