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Coplanarity check



Coplanarity check | 2 April, 2003

Hi, we are using coplanarity chek systems on FUJI IP. I understand on a rough standpoint that basically this system is a GO - NO GO filter.But I would like to know if there are any options to have other results (Analytical results) with that option on the IP or if can use a different tool prior to IP machine.

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Coplanarity check | 3 April, 2003

I don't know too much about Fuji, but I'll try myself anyhow. How is the coplanarity unit communicating with the machine controller? Attach a logic analyser, second listener or data analyser and "listen" to the communication with the machine controller. Extract the data you wish to analyse and put it all in a small software / hardware package. Find another customer intrested in this product and try to cover costs for your own development. Good luck.

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Coplanarity check | 4 April, 2003

Thankyou Stefan, somehow the Laser sensor and controller are addresed to the IP, but it seems the results are simple as an OK or some codes when the part is out of specs, those codes appears on the monitor in the machine just for a while, likely the only way to have those codes is taking notes of them one at the time. My main concern was if somebody was able to take more data somewhere in the machine, or if it would be necessary to use a different tool to do that.

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Coplanarity check | 9 April, 2003

Ricardo, I can�t apply more then common sense to the function of the coplanarity system. If Fuji buys the system off the shelf, from Cyber Optics for example, then it is very likely that it has its own processor, programmed a way that the measuring result is only �go� and �no go�. What speaks a bit against it, is the fact that you see some messages on the screen. If indeed there would be only one signal, the machine controller would not long think about it and there would be no time to display anything. Messages on the screen indicate that the controller has to �think� about a data package, while in the mean time the last operation is displayed. However, bottom line is, unless you are a software guru, it is almost impossible to extract some data out of an existing software. You will require some additional hardware. If it communicates via a RS 232 port, you could be lucky and all it takes is a PC with a Com 2 port and communication software like RapidCom. I�m a bit surprised that with as many IP II�s out there, nobody else responds on your inquiry.

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