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Camalot 2800


Camalot 2800 | 2 April, 2003

I am looking for specs for this machine. Can anyone provide this? Thanks in advance. G

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Camalot 2800 | 2 April, 2003

Operating Parameters

X Direction (left to right) 18.0 inches Y Direction (front to back) 18.0 inches Z Direction (up and down) 1.5 inches Operating Speeds Slew speed and point-to-point is 20 in./sec. Eight increments of speed control from 0.01 in./sec. to 4.5 in./sec. in the dispense mode.

Not sure what else you'd want....I think they rate them at 14k/hour. Seems to me we realized something in the neighborhood of 12k/hr. using our own took about 30 seconds off of a 1330 dot pattern.

Now, I'd better bail, lest I be hounded by DaveF as "Dispenser Boy" again. The guy is relentless.

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Camalot 2800 | 3 April, 2003

I sent you the 2800 product spec sheet in PDF to your mail box.

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Camalot 2800 | 4 April, 2003

Gents, Thanks very much for the help on this. This is exactly what I needed. G

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