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Health Screening For Lead


Health Screening For Lead | 14 April, 2003

We reimburse production people for the co-pay on their health insurance when they include screening for lead in their blood test.

Personnel Department has always been opposed to this on the grounds that it�s unfair since front office people don�t receive a compensating benefit. [We always tell them they can get their blood tested for free along with the troop out-back.] So, their latest red herring to get rid of the program is that the administrative costs out-weight the benefits with is new US HIPPA regulation [ ]. We don�t see where there�s any need for additional record keeping [employee gets tested / employee pays co-pay / employee turns co-pay receipt into petty cash / accounting puts a tick mark and the date next to that person�s name in a log].

So, as you can imagine [hopefully you can't imagine this], this has degraded to �did not� / �did too�. Especially, since no one has a clue of the true impact of HIPPA.

What do yall offer your employees in the area of health screening?

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Health Screening For Lead | 14 April, 2003

We Operate a procedure were by all potenial employes who are likely to be exposed to lead are screened for lead content in there blood prior to hiring,and once every year there after.There is no compensation given as this is mandatory but it is also free.The cost is incurred soley buy the company to ensure the welfare of its employees. As it should be too.I Dont see why employees should have to pay for this check as it is in the companys best intrest to ensure that nobody develops any lead related illness. Rgds.

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Health Screening For Lead | 15 April, 2003

I know when I worked on a NASA site, anyone in the lab was given a free physical once a year. This way they could find out what employees were normally exposed to and could track any potential illnesses.

What are the costs of a lawsuit when an employee comes back in a few years with a high blood level of lead which came from their work exposure which their employer neglected to monitor?

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