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leadfree | 21 April, 2003


As many must be aware a number of component manufactuers maybe shipping lead-free parts without part number changes. without knowing the datecode tracked on each component it would be difficult to trace components whether they are lead-free or tin-lead. A number of contract houses do the tape and reel service

Any suggestions on how these manufacturers are managing to prevent mixing lead and lead-free parts that do not have part number change ? How would a complex manufaturing line with high mix low volume be able to keep a track of all the different terminations that floating around as " lead-free "


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leadfree | 24 April, 2003

You may want to contact Cookson Electronics as they are leading the surge on "LEAD FREE" You may want to post your question to Chyrs Shea at Alpha Metals (Cookson).

She should be able to field your question and put you in the right direction.

Tell Her Cal sent you.

best regards, Cal Communications Test Design, Inc.

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