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Vibratory Pin Feeders



Vibratory Pin Feeders | 30 May, 2003

I need info on loose pin vibratory feeders for Universal GSM. At this time we are presenting them in Matrix trays, and the cycle time is killing us. Any info on aftermarket Vibe feeder Companies would be great.



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Vibratory Pin Feeders | 30 May, 2003

Did you already contact the supplier of the pins? This link may help:

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Vibratory Pin Feeders | 30 May, 2003

Some say that Hover-Davis [] builds feeders for UIC.

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Vibratory Pin Feeders | 2 June, 2003

Hover-Davis and UIC are a few of the companies under the Dover umbrella....

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Vibratory Pin Feeders | 3 June, 2003

I assume you need vibratory parts feeder to improve your productivity for pin header assembly. We use lots of vibratory feeders for small, miniature mechanical parts. We also have a machine building department in our company that can handle your requirement should you be interested.

Else you can search in the website for keywords "vibratory parts feeder". Visit a watch manufacturer who has automation for gears & pinions cutting. Should you be interested in getting info on miniature vibratory parts feeder that we use in our automated lines, mail me, i will reply with full address of mfrs. My mail ID is Good luck!

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Vibratory Pin Feeders | 4 June, 2003

I am not sure if you have already approached Universal with your request. Our platform product team has a long history of integrating bowl/vibratory feeders with the various platform products. Typically, these are custom solutions configured to meet your specific requirements. We are also capable of integrating some pin feeders that are available from the various pin suppliers. Alternatively, we also have experience with tape fed pins. You may be able to boost throughput through a combination of input changes and program optimization. If significant volume is a consideration, we do still offer a line of dedicated bulk fed pin insertion machines. I am also attaching the link to our nozzle and track catalogue. There are only a few pins displayed there, but given that you are interested, you will find an Email link that would allow you to send a request for information to our applications gatekeeper.

Mike Cyr Global Services Product Manager

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