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Relfow ?



Relfow ? | 19 June, 2003

Hi all I am having a reflow problem. Recently we started using a through hole connector with solder flux bearing technology on a densly populated board. The connector reflows at the same time as the smt components through reflow. The problem I am having is that with my current oven profile I continue to get an excessive amount of solder balls under the connectors resulting in shorted pins. The solder paste I am using for the rest of the components on the board calls for a peak temperature of 215c and the connector calls for a peak temp of 280c. Has anyone else run into a sililar problem trying to solder mixed technologies in reflow? Is it possible for me to exceed the requirements of my solder paste without having any negative results? Regards, Jacob

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Relfow ? | 19 June, 2003

I would believe that the connector spec is for the max temp that it can withstand while the paste is the max temp that you need to achieve. Solder balls are usually from excessive ramp rates in the oven. I would contact the connector mfg. and see what they recommend as far as reflowing this connector.

Is this connector supplied with the solder (solder and flux bearing) or just flux and you are placing into paste and then reflowing. This info would be of great help.


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Relfow ? | 19 June, 2003

Your solders could have vasty different liquidous points.

Check with your suppliers to determine the appropriateness of the materials you have selected.

Awhile ago Jim Zanolli at Teka hosted an OnBoard Forum here at SMTnet. He'd be happy to give you his thoughts:

Jim Zanolli Preident Teka Interconnection Systems

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