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Silica gel in final packing



Silica gel in final packing | 28 June, 2003

We have an Electromechanical assembly (clock) that has a step motor on the board. This electromechanical assembly is assembled in a screw less plastic moulded casing. The plastic casing is neither air tight nor water proof. The board is with SMOBC+ HALS finish.

This electromechanical assembly is first inserted in a polythene bag (not sealed). Five such assemblies go in to one duplex board packing box. Later many such packing boxes (80) go in to one big bubble sheet bag. The bubble sheet bag is closed with tape and placed in a wooden box. The wooden box is nailed and closed.

We send this wooden box via ship that delivers to our customer after travelling for 55 days.

Do we need to place a silica gel packet inside the duplex board packing box?

Is there any gurantee that this silica gel will protect our assembly against moisture till it is used by the customer.

Is there any standard guidelines for the size of the silica gel packet to be used? any related websites?

Is silica gel packing a mandatory? (I have seen silica gel packets in cameras packing boxes).


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Silica gel in final packing | 30 June, 2003

If you don't seal your packaging, the silica gel will try to remove the moisture from the air and will become saturated pretty quickly.

There is no requirement that you pack/ship with dessicants. Some customers require such things though.

Why do you want to do this? Does your customer process these boards upon receipt?

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Silica gel in final packing | 1 July, 2003

My customer just assembles it to the car. We want to use the silica gel to avoid moisture since the assembled part (clock) reach him via ship after 50 days. The electronic circuit board has no conformal coatings at present. We are working on that. Our main worry is about the mechanical parts & moisture deposition on the mineral glass that is part of the assembly (clock).

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Silica gel in final packing | 2 July, 2003

There's nothing wrong doing about adding a dessicant. You'll need to: * Seal the bag. [you may end-up needing a moisture barrier bag] * Select a dessicant packaging that is ESD dissipative.

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