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equipment purchase



equipment purchase | 12 July, 2003

Our company wants to establish a department that deals only in rework and repair of populated through hole & smt pcbs from outside companies .However given the wide variety of suppliers & with all equipment looking like it has been branded can anyone recommend to me equipment suppliers that they have purchased equipment from for rework & repair of populated pcbs & have found the equipment to be reliable & affordable & up to the job. Regards ronald.

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equipment purchase | 14 July, 2003

I would try Air-Vac, They have excellent SMT and Through hole rework equipment. Don't know what "affordable" means in your case.


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equipment purchase | 16 July, 2003

I'd have to agree with Russ. Air Vac and SRT are probably 1 and 1A respectively in the rework equipment area. Both have good to excellent reputations, Good luck.

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