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Wave Solder Forum??

Glenn Hitosis


Wave Solder Forum?? | 24 July, 2003

Does anyone know if there's a forum dedicated to the wave solder process? I would like to share ideas and thoughts about this process.

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Wave Solder Forum?? | 24 July, 2003

We talk wave solder. Search the fine SMTnet Archives.

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Wave Solder Forum?? | 29 July, 2003

Outstanding idea!

Hey SMTnet, what do you think? All this talk about smt this and smt that....what about TH? (kidding)

I think this idea has merit.

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Wave Solder Forum?? | 30 July, 2003

I agree that is a good idea. However, I wonder if there is enough activity to warrant new forums (wave solder and/or through hole)?

I did searches for wave solder and through hole over the past 90 days and found 38 and 12 posts respectively out of 941 total.

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Wave Solder Forum?? | 1 August, 2003

I understand your need for more wave solder imput. It seems to me that every year the pwb's that I am given for solder wave are thicker and have more ground planes. There have been times I have asked questions on SMTnet about pwb's received in house, and have received replies indicating that people out there don't even know what I'm talking about. I'm wondering if the majority of persons running solder wave machines have been doing so for so long that they don't feel the need for this kind of sight. We do both smt and thru hole here and management tells me that thru hole is not going away. Anyway, I understand your where you're coming from.

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