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Cookson selling Speedline


Cookson selling Speedline | 30 July, 2003

What do you all think about Cookson trying to sell off their Speedline division?

I was just about to purchase an Electrovert Aquastorm 100 but now I am not so sure.

Does anyone here have an Austin American in-line wash? Looking for feedback as they are my second choice.

Here is a link to Cookson's press release.


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Cookson selling Speedline | 30 July, 2003

It's good for Cookson shareholders that something has forced the managers of Cookson to come to their senses, finally. All those aquisitions never made sense to anyone, except the MBAs and lawyers that reaped the fees from all that paper shuffling.

Similar to some of our conversations about placement machine suppliers, it's difficult to imagine a single buyer that is imprudent enough to purchase all of the equipment divisions that Cookson has on the block. [And if they do purchase all of them, it will be a cherry picking operation. So, stay tuned.]

Cleaning capability aside, Aquastorm has to be one of the ugliest machines available. [Got to leave on an 'up' note. Right?]

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Cookson selling Speedline | 31 July, 2003

I have spoken with Ray Sharp CEO of Cookson a few times in the last year. He like virtually all other CEO�s has had to make very tough choices in business. I do not think I agree with Dave F�s comments, I think a multiple product company can do very well if it is well executed. I do not have first hand dealing with Cookson as a customer to know how well that was delivered. But many of my customers are Cookson customers and are happy.

The many reasons for their problems include: bad economy, used equipment market, people holding off making decisions so no one saw the business. I think if the right equipment company were to buy them they could down size some more and bring it back to profitability. I have no inside information, but do not be surprised if OK international buys them. They have the money and they already own Universal and Hover-Davis among many others.

If you were thinking about buying their equipment, I think you would make a good choice. They are not going out of business they are for sale. Cookson is not going to give it away. It is loosing money but it is worth a fortune in the long term. Just my opinion.

Ken Bliss President and CEO Bliss Industries, Inc.

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Richard Mitchell


Cookson selling Speedline | 31 July, 2003


Just wanted to correct some of your information. OK International is owned by Dover Company. Dover company also owns Universal, Hover - Davis, DEK, Soltec-Vitronics.

But it will be interesting to see what happens to speed line, does it stay as one company or split into several.

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Cookson selling Speedline | 5 August, 2003

I don't have any direct experience with Speedline or Austin America, but you may want to consider a Technical Devices cleaner. I have bought 2 used Technical Devices Cleaners and have had no problems with them at all. The support I received from them on the used equipment was exceptional.

They have been in business for a long time and seem to be doing very well in this difficult economy. I haven't heard of any layoffs, cutbacks, or rumors to the contrary.

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Cookson selling Speedline | 23 September, 2003

As an insider I can tell you that things are trending towards a break-up of the division. At this time it is unclear if they will be sold or closed. A re-rationalized business will see reduced offerings in printers and dispensers...stay tuned...these are recent events

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Cookson selling Speedline | 25 September, 2003

Just one comment about used equipment. A reason Mr. Bliss gave as contributing to Speedlines woe's. Its a fact of life. Would you buy a car you cant sell in a few years??? Why buy new? Because its faster, better, etc. if its not you won't buy new. My personal feeling is stay away from anyone with hostile second owner policy's. If manufacturers wont support second users than thier price should reflect the lack of resale value.

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Cookson selling Speedline | 25 September, 2003

I buy a ton of used equipment. The price of used MPM/Electrovert has gone up. Trust me all the doom and gloom is just %$#^. Buy the stuff it is good strong reliable equipment. No problems. I just paid 30K for a used Aquastorm 200 with no customer in mind to sell it to. It will sell in a month or 2 no problem.

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