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0402 opposing track balance



0402 opposing track balance | 7 August, 2003

Does anyone out there have any info on track balance ratios. i.e. heavy track entering 1 end of component (0402) and thinner track leaving other end and how this effects/causes problems like tombstoning. Am trying to put together design rules for customers.

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0402 opposing track balance | 8 August, 2003

So, if you give your customers design guidelines and one their products causes a cataclysmic explosion, resulting in the deaths and disfigurement of many handicaped third-world children, could a lawyer consider you responsible?

Spec Fir Tree General Technical Specification: Design/Layout: * IPC-2221 * IPC-2222

Look to the AVX and Kemet sites for 0402 layout guildlines. Better yet, send your customer there.

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