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Suction Tape



Suction Tape | 7 August, 2003

We are planning on placing a smt connector, the spec sheet calls out that "suction tape is added for smt suction". I am assuming that since this is a straight connector and I will be picking it up across where the pins are (male connector)that there is a piece of tape across this area. Does this sound right?

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Suction Tape | 7 August, 2003

Yes, Did this in daily production while back when I work @ motorola. Because of tall...and won't seat in the shuttle. We were set it in the MPAV and GSM machine. (2 diff lines)

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Suction Tape | 7 August, 2003

Yes you are correct Barry. The Suction tape provides a flat surface for the PNP nozzle to pick -up. In some cases I have seen a plastic "cap" ove rthe pins to provide the same thing. The cap can be reused.

Both require, unfortunatly, manual removal.

Depending on the connector, nozzzle, and is possible to have a custom nozzle for this application. See your vendor for more info.


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