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Pick and Place tutorials



Pick and Place tutorials | 30 September, 2003

I just start training as operator of a Samsung CP-11E Pick-and-Place machine. I would like to know where to find info or tutorials about those machines or general info about "how smt pick-and-place machines work ". I have not found anything on the web about this.

I'll apreciate any help George

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Pick and Place tutorials | 1 October, 2003

Call Samsung and see if they have a theory of operation. Otherwise the manuals have a lot of info in them as to how they work.


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Pick and Place tutorials | 1 October, 2003 has Step-by-step articles written by OEMS...Just type in Step-by-step into the search engine on the website...sit back and enjoy the links.

Also, has a brief snip-it as well.

You may want to do a search for machine specifics (i.e. Machine vision systems, linear motors, tach feed back, and so on) the theroy is the close to being the same.


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John Patricelli


Pick and Place tutorials | 1 October, 2003

It won't help your operation of a pick and place machine, but if you are just beginning to train your Operators, an excellent beginners' reference for SMT parts and package recognition can be found at TopLine Dummy Components' website,

There are two articles available for free download in PDF format that are simply superb. DummyClass101.pdf and SMDnomen.pdf.

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